Tuesday Ten: Crafts I Can’t Wait to Try

I love arts and crafts. A lot. And my craft board on pinterest is full of ideas I would love to try so today I thought I would share 10 I can’t wait to try!

craft illustration

1. How cute would these gold glitter champagne bottles be for a gift!?

2. I can’t wait to make these glitter sunnies for the next girls’ weekend next summer!

3. And maybe one of these weekends I’ll finally get to try making my own abstract art!

4. I’m a sucker for The Everygirl. It’s my favorite website to visit for inspiration. And I can’t wait to dress up my desk with these glitter accessories!

5. These pastel dipped milk bottle vases are too cute and would be amazing for a fabulous outdoor fete. There’s still time to soak up that last bit of summer!

6. These glitter champagne glasses from Something Turquoise are so pretty! I know, I know, you’re thinking “more glitter? Really?” Yes. Really.

7. This exploding memory box looks like so much fun! Another great gift idea!

8. I love this simple and fun canvas art DIY!

9. I’m also a sucker for Lauren Conrad’s lifestyle blog and these gold mugs are simple and fun and another great gift idea!

10. These DIY marquee letters are everything!

Hopefully you’re feeling a little inspired :) Anything you can’t wait to craft? I’m always looking for more ideas!


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