Fourth of July

Tuesday Ten: Farewell to Summer

I know Fall isn’t technically here according to the calendar, but for me Labor Day weekend signals the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. I love this time of year, and this transition is my favorite, probably because I just can’t get enough of Summer and Fall!

Honestly, this summer was one for the record books. While I had a lot going on (more on my whole story later), I enjoyed myself in a way I haven’t in a really long time. I spent so much time with my family and friends, and it was so necessary and so good for my soul.

So for today’s Tuesday Ten I’m going to share ten of my favorite summer memories with y’all! And believe me, there are WAY more than ten, but I just wanted to share some of my favs :)

farewell to summer1. When your boyfriend tells you, after an amazing lazy day in the lake, to get ready for dinner, but where we’re going is a surprise, you get ready as fast as you can and sprint to the car! But first you take a selfie. If you ever have the chance, definitely check out the Twisted Rooster! Tim and I are fans for life

2. We go to at least one West Michigan Whitecaps game a year, and I absolutely love them! There’s not a bad seat in the stadium, they have awesome food, and a frozen strawberry daiquiri is always on the menu. Plus, we usually catch a game with fireworks after.

3. Seeing Book of Mormon with my best friend Melissa was a blast. If you’re ever looking to go to a Broadway show PLEASE check out the Wharton Center. I’m biased and obsessed due to working for the Wharton Center Student Marketing Organization and seeing so many shows (Broadway shows, for $25 per ticket) while I was at MSU. Find an MSU student to buy tickets for you. Seriously. It’s just $25 per ticket. And Book of Mormon. Oh lawdy. It was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Don’t go if you’re easily offended or easily made uncomfortable by off color jokes (it’s from the creators of South Park), but this is a show I would go see again. And I’d bring Tim. Because he would enjoy it.

4. Fourth of July weekend was the yo. Seriously. My biffle Kaitlyn, my baby sister came and brought two new friends to introduce to all of us, SO MUCH delish food. Volleyball, wave running, so many fireworks. It was amazing. And I spent it with some of my absolutely favorite people.

5. Y’all I had the most amazing weekend with these girls. My soul sisters for real. #UABforlife I honestly don’t know what I would have done without these three the past three years. Kaitlyn, Rikki, Steph, if you’re reading this- I hope you know how much I love you.

6. Oh my goodness. The dinners my dad makes. He’s a grillmaster and I loved eating dinner with him and my mom whenever I was home this summer. His fajitas were one of my absolute favorite meals!

7. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of being in Spartan Stadium. Especially for the first game. I get teary eyed. No joke. Sorry not sorry. I love Spartan football, and the atmosphere is out of this world. I’m SO EXCITED for this season! Tim and I are so ready!

8. Cindy came to visit from Arizona! Seriously so much fun. When I talked in my previous post about being blessed because of all the wonderful people Tim has brought into my life? Well Cindy and her incredible family are some of those people. This woman will make you laugh like no other. Also, if you want me to pick you up from the airport whenever I make a pretty cool sign.

9. My baby sister turned 21! Way more on that here, of course, but I’m so proud of her. Twenty one and her senior year of college. Is there a better time? I’ve been there. There really isn’t.

10. Jenna and Richie got married!! Team UAB had the BEST TIME. I really can’t put into words how amazing the people are that UAB brought into my life. But that’s a story for another day : )

I hope you had an absolutely fabulous summer! I’d love to hear about some of your favorite summer memories!


Catching Up

Remember when I said I wouldn’t fall into the “too busy to blog” hole again? Woof. Well here I am, after quite the break. And if you’re not my parents, sister, or boyfriend reading this, bless you.

I’m back, with a plan this time, and I think it’s going to make all the difference. Quick recap, I got pretty sick and it knocked me on my butt for a while, but here I am, and I’m pretty excited about the things I have planned to share with you!

When 2014 started I was in a hotel room in southern California getting pumped for the Rose Bowl the next day (go green!). My two year internship ended in early December and I really had no idea what I wanted to do so I just started jotting down ideas about what would make 2014 my best year yet. Right at the top of my list, number 1, I put EXPERIENCES OVER THINGS, and so far I seem to be doing a pretty good job of that. Summer finally hit Michigan last month and so far it’s been fabulous. I’ve spent time with my family, my best friends, and lots of time on the lake at Tim’s. Here are some of my favorites:

peoniesSeriously, nothing better than peonies

beach volleyballBeach volleyball with some best friends, followed by swimming and grilling? Don’t mind if I do


Tim and I took in our first Whitecaps game of the year. Frozen drink standard.

twisted rooster

When your boyfriend tells you to get dressed because he’s taking you out to dinner, and where you’re going is a surprise, you throw on a sundress and race to the car. And then you end up at Twisted Rooster, one of the coolest restaurants around. Locally grown food, and Faygo in a glass bottle. It’s the

book of mormon

I finally got to see The Book of Mormon at Wharton Center with my best friend! Laughed out loud the entire time! It’s not a show for everyone, but we loved it, and so did everyone sitting around us!


I got to spend some quality time with my entire family at the Detroit Zoo (got that vitamin Z) at a private event my mom’s company hosted. I wanted to see lions, tigers, and polar bears and luckily got all three. Also fell in love with the red panda. This was my “hurry up and take a picture of me with the polar bear before it runs away again!” picture :)

gr brewing

We tried Grand Rapids Brewing Co. for the first time! Make sure you’re a little bit hungry when you go and order That Pizza Thing. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


This Fourth of July was one for the record books. Tim’s family has a big extravaganza every year and it just keeps getting better and better! One of my best friends, Kaitlyn, came to the lake for the first time. I took her out on the wave runner (my first time driving in over a year) and though it was touch and go at times, we both survived. And by survived I mean got back to land in one piece without being thrown off and ate our weight in delicious snacks and other food for an entire afternoon, with some volleyball, time on the water trampoline,  and relaxing thrown in to mix it up.

sissy fourth

If you read one of my earlier posts (bless you) then I’ve already introduced you to my baby sister Kristina, who happens to be the coolest thing since sliced bread. She brought some friends up for the day and it was so fun hanging out with her! Also, her face when she went tubing for the first time, priceless :)

lantern fourth

If you know Tim, you know the kid loves fireworks, and he’s been stocking up since Memorial Day weekend.The only things I ask for when we go? Floating lanterns and neon sparklers. So sissy, Kaitlyn, Caroline and I all sent a floating lantern up from the beach while listening to “at last I see the light” from Tangled. And all was right with the world.

Like I said- woman with a plan this time- so stay tuned! And if you’re in the Grand Rapids area go eat at Twisted Rooster!