Kristina is 21!!

I know, I know, I missed the Tuesday Ten yesterday. With my first week of work last week followed by 12 hours of work Saturday, visitors after that and very little sleep, I took time Monday to relax and gear up for the rest of this week and next, and I’m SO EXCITED to share today’s post!

Guess what y’all!? My baby sister turns the big TWO ONE today! Twenty one years. Holy cow. And now I feel old. (I know, a lot of you just rolled your eyes. I’ll only be 24 in November, but really. Still feeling pretty old.) I’m sitting here writing this and I’ve been writing this post in my head for what seems like days now trying to get out exactly what Kristina means to me and how blessed and happy I am that she’s my sister and I don’t know how it will end up and I’ll probably end up editing this after but here it goes!

Today we’re celebrating this chick

sissy in sydney 1For those of you who don’t know, Kristina spent eight weeks last summer in Australia and New Zealand interning for the Starlight Foundation (which is an amazing organization). She made awesome friends and had an amazing time before she came home, then jetted off to Germany, Holland, and Belgium to play soccer with ONUWS for 10 days. My little world traveler.

sissy in sydney 2

And now she can legally do this in America!

sissy in sydney 3

She really couldn’t be anymore amazing. Actually that’s a lie. I feel like every time I think that she does something else that blows my mind.

sissy in sydney 4


Kristina, the lone senior on the Ohio Northern University Women’s Soccer this year. Four years. Four incredible years of hard work, dedication, endless training, two and three a days, a European trip, countless bus rides and games, trips to the NCAA tournament and more. My sister is AMAZING y’all. And so humble. She’d never tell you any of this herself, so that’s my job. I’ve been Kristina’s cheerleader for as long as I can remember. She started playing soccer when she was five (go Blueberries!) and played for the Quest from U9-U17, mostly with the same core of 9 or 10 girls (I have a lot of official unofficial little sisters out there). She won her first national championship at the age of 10 guest playing with the Michigan Hawks, was invited to tryout for the top teams in the state, helped coach and assist at camps, and was a four year varsity starter in high school. And you know what happened then? She went to college and played for Batman (yes that’s his real name) and in her first year earned numerous honors from the team and the conference, and scored the winning goal in overtime to take the Polar Bears into the second round of the NCAA Tournament for the first time in school history.

I can’t even list off all her awards. I will tell you last year she was first team All OAC, academic All OAC and earned All Ohio honors as well. And why am I telling you all this? Well because Kristina is too humble to tell you how kick butt awesome she is and if you can’t be told how awesome you are on your birthday, well what’s the point?

sissy collage

Having a sister means having a built in best friend, someone who gets you in a way that no one else does. Kristina has been my best friend our whole lives.  She’s intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, funny, athletic, empathetic, understanding, a girl with wanderlust in her soul and someone who appreciates everyone for who they are and what makes them special. She has the biggest heart, radiates goodness, is a believer in God and all the good He does, and is the kind of friend that would drive to your house at three in the morning if you needed her and stay as long as you needed her. I’ll never get tired of hearing how much we look alike.


I know you don’t really have a lot of memories from times when you were little, but I have a very distinct memory of climbing up into my mom’s hospital bed and helping to hold my little sister and I’ve been watching out for her ever since.


The laughter you bring to my life and the love you share is amazing. Kristina I am so incredibly proud of the woman you are and how hard you’ve worked to get to this point. You are my hero. You always have been. And you always will be. I strive to be more like you and I’m so blessed to call you my sister.

suite life

Here’s to many more suite years! (Get it, see what I did there ;))